As New England fans mourn the departure of Tom Brady, they continue to wonder what will happen in Tampa Bay. While Bruce Arians has had success with veteran quarterbacks in the past, it will be interesting to see how him and Brady work together. Some say it could be the perfect marriage, while others question the fit. While Bruce Arians has had success with veteran quarterbacks in the past, it will be interesting to see how him and Brady work together.

Us Patriots fans are all thinking about the same question. “Will Tom Brady’s legacy continue in Florida?” While that is the most talked about situation in the New England sports world, there may be more to the story. As Tom Brady has set out on his career changing journey, many stories have surfaced that have questioned his legacy in New England. Did Tom want more money? Did Gisele make him leave the team to be in warm weather and grow their market? These are the questions that all of his loyal followers are asking him now. Should we buy into these questions? 

Arians is known as a coach who is not afraid to come up with creative offensive plays. In a way, he has a similar offensive mind as Andy Reid. This essentially means that he enjoys down the field passes; in other words, a spread offense. Tom Brady’s forte throughout his career has been a “dink and dunk” offense, which means he is at his best when throwing short and efficient passes. So no, him and Arians do not line up as a great one-two punch. Bruce Arians has also been on the record stating that he will teach Brady the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense, rather than teaching the roster Brady’s offense over the last 20 years.

On one hand, it sounds much easier to coach Brady up to get him on the same page as the rest of the personnel. However, the other side to that argument is the fact that this would be out of Brady’s comfort zone. If Arians was willing to coach the rest of the roster up to Brady’s fortitude, he would potentially create something greater than what we all had here in New England. Chris Godwin has the ability of Julian Edelman, yet is ten years younger and more agile. Mike Evans has the size and speed of Randy Moss, whom Brady statistically had his greatest season with. Bill Belichick is obviously on a different level than Bruce Arians, however I still believe that Arians could handle it. If he models his team after the 2007 Patriots, he could create one of the most lethal offense in the modern day NFL.

By no means am I saying that Tom Brady’s tenure in Tampa Bay will be a failure, but I am definitely pointing out the question marks. Arians rejuvenated Carson Palmer’s career and perhaps even made it better. Brady is in a totally different tier than Palmer is, which means the potential will absolutely be there. I believe that it will come down to how Brady is used. If Arians can delegate and allow Brady to do some of what he wants, the success will be inevitable. If Arians sticks to his guns and is stubborn, we will truly get to see the talent of Tom Brady. If he could win a championship in a very different system than he has ever been used to, he really will solidify himself as the GOAT.

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