Every sports season, a plethora of sporting events take place in which something memorable happens. While there certainly are plenty of worthy moments over the past 10 years, I think these five events are the most significant.

5) Toronto Raptors run to the finals

Some might see view this one as debatable, and maybe there is some recency bias here, but I think the run of the 2019 Toronto Raptors is one for the books. While they were a well put together team all season long, not many people predicted them to go to the championship, never mind win it. In the second round, playing against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Raptors went to game seven, in which they were hosting. It was a back and forth game, and came down to the final seconds. With one of the most iconic shots you will ever see, Kawhi Leonard was fading away in the corner as he threw up the potential game-winning shot. It hit just about every part of the rim, bounced up, and then went right through the net. It was as if right then and there we all should have known that the Raptors were going all the way. Sure enough, they took care of the Milwaukee Bucks in the conference finals, and then essentially ended the Golden State Warriors reign as the Raptors won their first title ever. 

4) Chicago Cubs win first World Series in 108 years

In 2016, the Chicago Cubs ended the longest drought in sports. They had not won a World Series since 1908, and had been arguably the best team all season long. No matter when the Cubs finally won a ring it would have been a monumental moment, but the fashion that this went down in could not have been crazier. They were matched up against the Cleveland Indians, a team that also had not won in 50 plus years. The series went in Cleveland’s favor to begin, as they took a commanding 31 series lead. The Cubs battled back to get to a game seven, in which they found themselves up 74 in the eighth inning. The Indians scored three runs, tying the game and sending it to extras. The Cubs scored two runs in the tenth inning, once again taking control of the game. In one of the most dramatic finishes ever, the Indians hit a solo home run in home half of the tenth, making it 87 in favor of the Cubs. Sure enough, Kris Bryant was able to make a nice play at third, and made the final out of the game to clinch a Cubs victory.

3) Cleveland Cavaliers come back down 31

Many consider this to be the toughest comeback in the history of the NBA, and I would have to agree with them. When the Cleveland Cavaliers went down three games to one against the 739 Golden State Warriors, I truly believed the series was over. LeBron James would go on to play some of his best basketball of his career, getting the series back to Golden State for a win-or-go-home game seven. Although the game was close throughout, the Cavaliers were in control for the majority of it. Inside of two minutes left to play, LeBron made one of the best blocks you will ever see on Andre Iguodala. Kyrie Irving then hit a three in Stephen Curry’s face, and the rest was history. Cleveland won the championship and pulled off the comeback. 

2) Patriots come back down 283

For Boston fans, we collectively consider this the best sports moment of our lives. When the New England Patriots went down 213 at halftime against the Atlanta Falcons, all of New England was shocked at what they were seeing. Atlanta was completely dominating the game, and the Patriots looked completely inept. As the second half started, we still saw more of the same. Eventually it got to 283, and the Patriots would have to pull something off quickly if they wanted to make this any sort of a game. Sure enough, everything that they absolutely needed to happen, happened. They cut the deficit down to 16 as they made it 2812, and we all knew they would need two touchdowns and two two-point conversions. At the same time, they would need a key turnover, in which Dont’a Hightower eventually came up with. James White and Danny Amendola completed the two-point conversions, and all of a sudden we had ourselves a 2828 game heading to overtime. The Patriots won the coin toss, drove the field, and James White found the end zone for a 3428 win.

1) Tiger Woods wins Master’s 

In the 2000s, Tiger Woods has endless amounts of moments and victories that would make this list. However, in the past decade, the question was always whether or not Tiger Woods would ever win again. In 2019, on Master’s Sunday, Tiger gave all of us a glimpse of the past. Entering the final day of the Masters last Sunday, Woods trailed Francesco Molinari by two strokes. He was faced with the challenge of making a comeback, and not only would he have to catch Molinari, he would also have to outlast both Xander Schauffele and Brooks Koepka. The twelfth hole was where the tables began to turn, as Molinari double bogeyed and allowed Tiger to join him at the top of the leaderboard. On hole 15, Molinari double bogeyed once again while Tiger birdied. He never looked back. His fifteenth major made a lot of noise, and has now got people talking about him catching Jack Nicklaus’s 18 once again. 

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