Like many students, I utilize the Red Line for transportation to and from campus, as, until the opening of the residence halls, it was one of the only ways to get to campus. However, I feel that as if some of the trains on this route are in a desperate need of an upgrade, due to how often they might break down during rush hour in the morning or evening, leading to long delays and a huge amount of frustration. Also, since UMass Boston is so close to the JFK/UMass stop, I believe it would be a great thing for students if the MBTA would begin taking the older Red Line train cars out of service and replacing them with newer train cars to alleviate delays of any kind.

‚ÄčThe Red Line has train cars that date back to the late 1960s/early 1970s, which I personally feel is too long for a train car to be in service. While the MBTA may be saving money by keeping these trains in service, it does not help that these train cars break down and lead to frustration among passengers on the Red Line. Along with some of the Red Line cars needing to be replaced, some of the stations that make up this part of the MBTA subway could use an upgrade. One of those stations is our very own JFK/UMass station, where the elevators between the lobby and the platform for both the Ashmont and Braintree sides need to be upgraded to run faster, as it is the last stop before the Red Line splits into two branches. Also, the stairs leading into the station should be fixed because they are starting to crack and could become hazardous in terms of safety. Other stations along the Red Line with problems that should be reported are Central, Harvard, Downtown Crossing, South Station, and Porter.

With UMass Boston enrolling more students every year, the MBTA should take into consideration of putting new train cars into service sooner rather than later. This solution will be helpful to riders who live and work in or around Boston because the MBTA could generate more revenue over time and students can start to rely on decent public transportation once again, especially during the winter and summer months. Having newer train cars in service would provide more space to accommodate more riders and having stations repaired and cleaned would show riders that the MBTA does care about their passengers. In time, the MBTA would be a transit agency that students and riders can fully trust once again.




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